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Verb Tenses 3

Chọn câu trả lời thích hợp nhất.

1) You must not always ___________ so much noise while we are studying.
are making
be making
be made
2) I don't know when __________.
will she arrive
she arrive
she will arrive
does she arrive
3) When he ______, I'll let you know.
will arrive
would arrive
4) Every possible means _______, but none proves successful.
has tried
have tried
have been tried
has been tried
5) On the ceiling ___________ a large lamp.
6) The election __________ next month.
is to be held
is to hold
is to be hold
is hold
7) Jane __________ John for three years.
has been married
has been married to
has married with
has got married with
8) You can find that the house __________ for years.
hasn't been painted
didn't be painted
hasn't painted
didn't paint
9) After everyone _______, the concert began.
was seated
10) The children __________ good care of.
have taken
has taken
have been taken
has been taken


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