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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: buihoangmylinh
 ID 17727
 Date: 10/09/2009

Say it better in English
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De hoc noi tieng anh hieu qua, cach tot nhat la hoc theo chu de. Dac biet la khi chung ta gan no vao nhung chu de gan gui voi cuoc song thi tieng anh duong nhu tro nen de dang tiep can hon. Chung ta hay xem mot vai vi du nhe!
Group 1 : Entrepreneurial difficulties
- To face the music -> to admit that theres a problem; to deal with an unpleasant situation realistically.
- Weve been down before, but we always come back fighting -> everything is going to be okay, weve had trouble in the past too and we managed to get over that.
- To eat ones lunch -> to take away ones business
- To clean house -> to fire a lot of employees
- To keep ones head above water -> to survive, to get by, to survive financial difficulties
- Team spirit ->enthusiasm about doing something for the group
- To turn around ones business ->to make a business profitable again, to go from not making profits to being profitable again.
- To rally the troops -> to motivate others, to get other people excited about doing something; to do something to improve the morale of the employees and get them energized about doing their work.
- New blood -> new employees
- To run in place -> to not make any progress; to be stuck; to remain in the same place for a long period of time.
Group 2: Market
- To cost an arm and a leg -> to be very expensive
- To crunch numbers -> to perform calculations (especially financial calculations)
- Take it or leave it ->accept or reject an offer, usually a final one.
- To drive a hard bargain -> to be tough in negotiating an agreement; to negotiate something in ones favor
- To twist someones arm -> to persuade someone; to convince someone.
- To make a living -> to earn enough money to support oneself.
- To sweeten the deal -> to make an offer more attractive.
- Its a deal -> I agree (to a proposal or offer)
- You scratch my back and Ill scratch yours -> if you do me a favor, Ill do you a favor, lets cooperate.
- To come to an agreement ->to reach an agreement.
Group 3: School
- To cut class -> to miss class without an excuse
- To hit the books -> to start studying
- To stand a chance ->to have the possibility of success
- Over ones head -> beyond ones understanding
- To have ones heart set on -> to really want something
- To go into -> to enter e profession
- Gung ho -> very enthusiastic, very excited about something
- Green with envy ->desiring anothers advantages or things
- To pay someone a compliment -> to give someone a compliment; to offer someone an admiring comment
- Way to go! -> Good work!
Group 4: Love
- to break up with someone -> to end a relationship with a romantic partner
- to be head over heels in love ->very much in love
- love at first sight -> an immediate attraction
- to make out -> to kiss with much passion
- to give someone a ring -> to telephone someone
- to make a fool of oneself -> to cause oneself to look stupid
- ones heart goes out to someone -> to feel sorry for someone
- to make ones day ->to give one great satisfaction
- to burn someone up -> to make someone angry
- to level with someone -> to speak openly and honestly with someone
Group 5: Travel
- eye- opener -> an experience or activity that makes one realize what is really going on
- off to -> going to, leaving for ( a place)
- tourist trap -> a place that attracts many tourists and charges them high price
- to change ones tune -> to start thinking differently about something; to change ones opinion
- ready to drop -> very tired; exhausted
- jet lag -> tiredness caused by the time difference when traveling
- to stick around -> to stay somewhere
- when in Rome, do as the Romans do -> when you are visiting a foreign country or new place, behave like the local people
- to go native -> to start behaving like the locals when in a new place or a foreign country
- to go out on the town -> to go and have fun for the evening( usually at bars, restaurants or clubs)
Nguon : Trich trong bo sach ESL ( gom 6 cuon ) duoc ban tai nha sach USA BOOKS so 100 Pham VIet Chanh, q1, tp Ho Chi Minh. O day co order sach tren trang amazon.com nua do. Hay tiep can den nhieu nguon tieng anh cang nhieu cang tot neu ban muon master no.

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