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 Post by: ledanh89
 ID 16202
 Date: 10/12/2007

Designing a Blog with Furama
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Please keep this post for about one week. I think my information is useful to your forum members.

Designing a Blog with Furama
http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-MCUGO003brSGk1bUUC_SBdODTOnwCJPTp5Y-?cq=1 http://www.furamavietnam.com/?p=blog

“Designing a Blog with Furama” Awards 2007
Ladies and gentlemen,
It has been ten years since the five-star Furama Resort Danang opened in the central city of Danang. A true icon of Vietnamese tourism, the Resort nestles along China Beach, selected by Forbes magazine in October 2005 as one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world. A multi-award winner for its unfaltering commitment to world-class service and facilities, the Furama Resort Danang is not only consistently voted Vietnam’s No 1 resort; leading international polls also rank it among the very best resorts in Asia.
We wish to thank you for your continued trust and kindness during the past year. To continue our commitment to bring you, our valued guests and partners, the best possible services, we would like to launch our “Designing a Blog with Furama” Awards 2007 competition in the hope that you can share with us your thoughts and emotions about the renowned Furama Resort Danang, ensuring that all of you will be ambassadors of the Resort and will spread kind words and comments about Vietnam and Danang, its people and, of course, the Resort.
1. Candidates: All people are eligible to become candidates
2. Content of the competition:
- Design Furama’s blog interface in English or Vietnamese
- Content of the blog in English or Vietnamese (Unicode font) must comply with Vietnamese law and culture
- Information relating to politics and religion is unacceptable
- Information about Vietnam’s tourism and Furama’s attractions are greatly appreciated
- The source of information and photos used in the blog should be noted
3. Timeframe:
- Entries to the “Designing a Blog with Furama” Awards are to be sent to the Organizing Board from 10 October 2007 to 10 November 2007
- The Organizing Board will consider the blogs entered from 11 November 2007 to 25 November 2007
- The Top 10 blogs will be voted upon on Furama’s website from 26 November to 9 December 2007.
4. Selection Criteria:
- Attractive blog interface
- Precise and updated information
- Expressive writing style (beautiful words in coherent and connected sentences)
- Photos must match content and information
5. Awards:
- First prize: two nights complimentary stay for two at the Furama Resort, including airport transfer from and to Danang International Airport and breakfast, worth US$520
- Second prize: one night complimentary stay for two at the Resort including airport transfer from and to Danang International Airport and breakfast, worth US$270
6. Awards Announcement:
The result of the competition will be publicized 12 December 2007 at www.furamavietnam.com
7. Regulations:
- Candidates can register to enter the competition at www.furamavietnam.com (please donnot block POP-UPs from this site)
- Photos and information can be obtained at www.furamavietnam.com
- All entries are to be sent to the Organizing Board with the blast “Furama Resort Danang, the Best Resort in Vietnam on the Best Beach in The World”
- The blog must be designed with backdrop photos of Furama, and other tourism photos can be used if absolutely necessary
- Candidates can send their entries to the Organizing Board on the blog’s link at marketing@furamavietnam.com
- Any entries with the design will be rejected
- Blogs that are changed during the Organizing Board’s consideration will be rejected.
- The Organizing Board’s decision is final
- The Organizing Board is not responsible for any mistakes in the candidates’ personal information and the blog’s content
- Winners will be informed by email or mobile phone
- If the Organizing Board cannot contact the winner by close of business on 14 December 2007, it will nominate the runner-up as the winner
- The winner can not transfer the award to another person or exchange it for cash
- The winner must present their ID card when receiving the award and have to successfully sign in to the winning blog
- The Organizing Board has the right to use the winner’s image, name, and content of the blog for advertising purposes without paying a fee to the winner.
- The Organizing Board has right to reverse their decision if they find the winner has cheated or the blog does not follow the Organizing Board’s regulations
- For inquiries about the award, please send an email to marketing@furamavietnam.com

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